Now I bet you're wondering where you fit in?

Your place in my grand design couldn't be more important! In fact, you're the entire reason I created this little slice of Internet pie! You see, you play a very key role in all of this...of course, your role depends entirely on who you are! Now, let me ask you a little question:

Are you a hiring manger?

Excellent! You're exactly the person I was hoping would land on this page. Where you fit in is the almighty bouncer. You are the one who gets to look me over (well, my resume at least), and decide whether I'm actually the guy on my license. More importantly however, you are the person who will determine if I would be a good fit for your company. And the best thing for you and your life is to call me, right now. My phone number is 303.525.9061, and I would love to talk with you!

Are you in need of a freelancer?

Awesome! Freelancers are essential to a lot of projects, and it is very hard for me to turn down projects. So hard in fact, that I have to ask you to exercise a bit of discretion on your part. I am a professional, and like any professional, I do not work for free. I realize that you might have an amazing concept and all you need is a little help with execution. I would love to help, but I will need to be paid. On top of that, I will ask that you bring a professional payscale to the table, as I can guarantee a professional result will be returned to you! If this sounds great, feel free to give me a call at 303.525.9061 and we can discuss you outrageously cool project!

Are you a recruiter?

I bet you have an awesome client that is looking for a candidate just like me! And you know what, they can stop their search, because you have most definitely found their perfect candidate. I have made a few recruiters quite a few bucks in the past, and as such, I seem to have you guys hammering my phone if I say it is okay. Unfortunately, some of your brethren have gone and messed it up for you, and I ask that all recruiters (yes ALL RECRUITERS) please use the contact form below to contact me. Please leave at least a little bit of information about the client, what they do, and why you think I would be a good fit for them.

The part where you can contact me