You see this handsome devil?

That's me. My name is Eric, and I am most certainly a BOSS!

I know what you're saying right now..."a BOSS of what exactly?"

Well, I'm very glad you asked! My BOSS like activities are directed towards web development. More specifically, slaying HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP with a BOSS like veracity. Other BOSS like tendencies include SQL databases, version control, object oriented programming, and educating others on how to reach my BOSS level skills!

"But that's really generic! What the hell is BOSS level anyway?"

BOSS level is a fanciful term I'm using to describe my skills in web development. Sure, I could just give you a simple and quick rating of my skills on a one-to-ten scale, but that's what a resume is for. Besides, personal websites are all about grabbing attention. And I would say that I have done that quite effectively.

"Okay, my attention is yours. How do I know you're the real deal?"

I understand your hesitations in trusting the word of some guy on the Internet. In fact, if you hadn't asked the question, I would be very surprised! To facilitate trust in this relationship, I have conveniently added a portfolio section to this site so you can take a look for yourself at my BOSS level skills. When you're done checking it out, be sure to give me a call.

Oh man, check out this cool effect!

Okay, I guess it's not that cool. It was when I first built this site back in 2014...but it's not that special anymore. The good news is that this site runs almost entirely off of CSS. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why someone who works as a full stack developer would have such a simple site. To tell the truth, we all know that portfolio sites are a necessary evil. While I do spend a lot of time creating prototypes and things that I find interesting, I simply don't enjoy working on a portfolio site. However, you can rest assured that work I do for your clients and projects will be of top caliber!

I hope that I've kept you mildly interested so far. Here's a nice big section talking some more about me!


Like I mentioned up there towards the top of the page, I specialize in web development utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I also have experience using some of the most common development frameworks including Laravel, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and a multitude of others. The best skill I have though is the ability to learn, and learn quickly. I have been consistently reminded of the fact that I pick up new things very well, and that they stick with me over time. However, I also have a sense of humility, and am not afraid to admit when I am wrong.


Within the next three years, I envision myself running a team of some of the best web developers in the business. I set a very high standard for myself and the work that I do, and I strive to deliver on every promise I make. Within five years, I intend to be leading all web-related operations for a small- to medium-sized company, masterminding some of the coolest projects to ever grace the Internet!

Want more info about me? Check out my resume or my profile on LinkedIn.