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Eric Schmiedel


2007 - 2010 | B.A., Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
The Art Institute of Colorado

Volunteered three years in a row to help produce the school’s coverage of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Received cross-training in photography, design, and development.

Work Experience

Aug, 2018 - Jan, 2024 | Storage360
Lead Founding Engineer

I architected, built, and maintained a fully unified enterprise SaaS platform that serviced the Self Storage industry. This platform enables efficient & intelligent marketing decisions to drive high-quality lead generation. The platform also connects numerous internal applications allowing a deep understanding of our current and future customers. This platform is responsible for converting over 80% of new business for our primary client and has significantly increased both revenue & efficiency since it launched in December 2018.

During my tenure, I grew the engineering department from one person to a total of 23 people split across 3 different remote scrum teams. The remote scrum teams were spread out amongst numerous time zones including Eastern European, Eastern US, Central US, Mountain US, and Pacific US. My management style is to use a shovel to move things out of the way instead of a whip to make them run faster.

Apr, 2018 - Aug, 2018 | RE/MAX
Senior Backend Developer

Responsibilities included maintaining existing and creating new features on the backend REST API to support a fully decoupled agent portal application. The application allowed over 120,000 agents to connect to various internal services, retrieve information, and connect with other agents and brokers. Other responsibilities included maintaining legacy applications, planning new features, and replacing legacy applications with newer versions that meet modern industry guidelines.

Jun, 2017 - Apr, 2018 | National Storage Affiliates
Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

Responsibilities included overseeing all phases of planning, architecting, building, deploying, and testing an enterprise level, multi-tenant application. The application integrates with multiple API data sources and has advanced customization and reporting capabilities. My duties also included leading code reviews, creating many of the formal processes that are now in place, writing unit tests, and working with members of the marketing team to ensure adherence to SEO and usability (WCAG2.0) compliance.

Feb, 2017 - May, 2017 | Baker Technologies
Platform Engineer

Responsibilities included maintaining existing and implementing new integrations with third-party APIs, supporting the SMS and email marketing portions of the platform, maintaining complex logic for server-side order verification, maintaining existing and implementing new endpoints for our public facing application and API, participating in planning sessions, participating in new product planning, and fixing various bugs all over the platform.

Feb, 2016 - Feb, 2017 | Meredith Corporation
Software Developer

My duties at Meredith focused on the mywedding.com website and included converting legacy pages to take advantage of modern design & coding standards, creating & consuming API endpoints for various tasks, analyzing the database & extracting market data, and creating new internal facing applications. We utilized a wide range of technologies and a number of popular frameworks.

Jan, 2015 - Feb, 2016 | RedTrain Web Services
Co-Founder / Developer

Left previous employment to start a web development company with a close friend. Primary responsibilities included architecture, development, project coordination and timeline management, server administration, and financial administration. During this time, I worked on a number of challenging projects and pushed my personal limits. Some of the highlights include being responsible for the administration of five separate virtual private servers, integrating heavily with the SalesForce API, and creating a fully responsive, single page sales portal application using Angular.

May, 2011 - Jan, 2015 | booj
R&D Engineer

Primary responsibilities included creating beautiful, responsive websites from graphic design compositions, implementing new features and functionality for an enterprise level application serving 35+ high-profile real estate clients, and enforcing code quality on said platform. Other responsibilities included training front end developers on JavaScript and PHP, maintaining existing code on the platform, and reviewing graphic design compositions for upcoming projects.

Apr, 2009 - May, 2011 | bieMedia
Web Developer

While initially hired as a video editor, I eventually became a front end web developer. Primary responsibilities included maintaining internal- and client-facing websites as well as styling new pages and features.

About, Goals, Awards


I am an engineering leader with over fourteen years of industry experience. As an engineer, I have created and maintained everything from business card websites to multi-tenant enterprise platforms to multi-million user web applications. As an engineering leader, I have built & scaled multiple cross-functional development teams while providing transparency to executive leadership.

I have constantly been told that one of my best qualities is my attitude. I approach every problem with a positive outlook and a "let’s get it done" mentality. I have consistently delivered above expectations in every project I have worked on. I take great pride in my ability to adapt to any workflow as well as being a reliable member of any team. However, I am not too proud to show humility, and will be the first to admit when I am wrong. I am incredibly resourceful, a very quick learner, manage my time effectively, and have a keen eye for details.


Having achieved my goal of becoming an engineering leader, I am now looking to take on the challenge of delivering your next big idea. I am looking for a company that is ready to change the landscape of their industry and needs a leader to help them get there.


For three years in a row (2011 - 2014), I was awarded for being a mentor to my coworkers. In 2014, I took on the responsibility of training booj’s front-end developers on PHP/full stack.


All skills ranked on a 1 - 10 scale


















I have production level experience with the many frameworks and tools: Node.js, NestJS, Gin, Django Rest, Webpack, Vite, Laravel, Bootstrap, Vue 2/3, React, Angular, Next, Nuxt, Express, and about a billion others.

I also have experience with third party API’s including SalesForce, Instagram, Google, SendGrid, Twilio, and many, many more.